Commercial Product Photography

Rates for commercial product photography will typically be custom quoted.  There are many things that factor into the pricing of product photography.
By knowing the answers to some of the items listed below, it will help in getting the most accurate quote possible, in a timely manner.

1) Location of shoot (At my studio or a location of your choice)

2) Style of shoot (Product alone on simple black or white backdrop, Lifestyle- product with people, Product with a set required)

3) Number of products to be photographed

4) Number of images required per product (different angles, prep time per product per category, etc)

5) Types of products (Size, weight, assembly required, number of pieces per product, simplicity of product for post production purposes)

6) Type of post production work required (extraction from backdrop, gradients, shadows, layer transparency, retouching, etc.)

7) Graphic Design work to be done by AGL Photography or licensed out to a graphic design company

8) Usage License Requirements (Typically a perpetual usage license will be provided, excluding usage for purposes of packaging,
book publishing, billboards, or television – additional fees required).

Upon answering the items above, a custom quote will be put together, including all photographic time and type of post production, travel expenses, and usage license fees, providing you with a flat rate to prepare a budget for.

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