These sessions can be an add-on session to your studio session, or can be a session all it’s
own.  We’ll head to Johnson Park on Wilson Ave. in Grand Rapids where we can get some
great “playtime” portraits.  This is a great time to get some interaction shots with you and
your pet, as well as other family members, and other dogs in the household (provided they
get along when tethered).  Bring your dogs favorite toys, balls, frisbees, etc. and any other
items that you might want to have photographed with your dog.  A thin black 20′ lead will
be used, and edited from the portraits, as safety is of the utmost importance to me. 


These sessions will begin at $125
Additional fees for extra long sessions, and/or multiple pets and people.


Pup in the park

 Angela Lawson, Photog. Cr.,  CPP – AGL Photography – 616.667.7221 –