Pets are an integral part of many families.  And whether it is the beloved family dog, the
faithful companion to a growing child, the cats that are treated like children, or any of the
other wonderful animals that people chose to have as pets, I am often called upon to
photograph these special family members.  Here at the studio, I can offer both the
traditional posed portrait, as well as some fun and quirky interactive portraits.  By getting
to know your pet at the pre-consultation, it gives me the added benefit of customizing your
session to your pet’s individual personality, so that we can make the session one that will
be enjoyable for everyone.

Please Note:  Toys and treats may be used, so if you prefer to supply your own,
please feel free.


Studio Sessions begin at $125 for 1 pet

and include the pre-consultation, the actual session,
and the preview ordering appointment.
(Additional Fee of $25 per pet)


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